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Client still not moving here (no feedback, still open). Continue to hold and wait. 28-May-2020 11:23
Still waiting for feedback from client (2 were in play) 21-May-2020 15:53
Move this to hold. End client has 2-3 candidates in front of them but hasn't pulled trigger. 07-May-2020 13:49
Agent tables submission. Indicated Highjump experience was too dated (strange; investigating) and that customization experience on Highump was also lacking (asking what type of customization). 29-Apr-2020 18:06
Submitted 2nd candidate that is semi-local. Still waiting on feedback on first candidate. 29-Apr-2020 13:43
** side note: flagged as 25% remote as client would have resources work from home when "safer at home" virus orders not in effect. Estimated at a few months for starters ** 29-Apr-2020 13:43
Client indicated our candidate is a 'maybe' so still open. Concern was hadn't implemented since 2016 and couldn't articulate the process for install at a detail level for Highjump. In addition, they shared specific issues with the install they are facing and are hoping to get someone that has ideas around those going in. So continuing to source while working w/ first submission to try and close those gaps. 28-Apr-2020 15:52
Still going. Waiting on feedback from end-client on candidate from us they screened last Friday. 23-Apr-2020 14:02
Lead Created 15-Apr-2020 18:11