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Pinged agent for status here. Assume we are still holding. 18-Jun-2020 12:53
On hold per client. Check back in mid-June. 21-May-2020 15:54
Wait here. Have a solid local candidate in front of hiring manager (reviewing). So we'll see how they respond to that before submitting more. 07-May-2020 13:50
Agent just confirmed candidates MUST be currently local to Batavia, IL area (commute distance). No relo's. 30-Apr-2020 13:35
Status changed to WFF 29-Apr-2020 17:58
We are sharing over two candidates for the first pass. Both are local. Both have solid scratch build out experience (2+ years) of scratch products based on Hadoop. So will slow down screening now as we try to assess from them what the client really wants. 29-Apr-2020 17:57
Sharing over one 20+ year candidate to the team for review. Lives 10 miles away and delivered a Hadoop based product in 2014-2016. 29-Apr-2020 15:56
Lead Created 28-Apr-2020 18:17