Event Comments Date Delete
Client went to offer (verbal) for our candidate. We'll leave this open till we get paperwork done. 30-Jul-2020 14:09
Client screen w/ our submission completed. Went well. Move to final interview w/ stakeholder assuming candidate signs off on intent to relo. 23-Jul-2020 12:53
Status changed to WFF 16-Jul-2020 13:59
Still going here. Shared a non-local candidate w/ java dev history prior to IOS work. 13 others in play (not ours). Hold now. 16-Jul-2020 13:58
Client confirms no leads in pipe. Did have a few candidates that did o.k. on coding test but then in f2f interview didn't pan out. So need to be technical and interpersonal. 09-Jul-2020 16:35
Client closed lead 3714 and created this one in its place. Focus shifts to Swift/iOS/Java now (among other changes). Read description for details. 09-Jul-2020 15:40
Lead Created 09-Jul-2020 15:26