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24-Sep-2020 12:30
Agent just indicated they are going to offer to another candidate (not ours) so we'll move this to hold and reopen IF that offer falls through. 22-Sep-2020 20:07
Still going here. Key is a developer that starts in Java and moves into complex iOS. 17-Sep-2020 13:11
Client requests 2nd screen with our candidate. 15-Sep-2020 15:16
Agent does first shortlist. 16 of 28 candidates (1 of ours) were tabled on this 1st pass. No details on what is the benchmark yet. Seems to be either -- rate below 80; currently local or history in area; and/or solid networking depth. 09-Sep-2020 16:09
Agent tables our submission (no details given). So hold on more submits unless they are currently local to Seattle area. 09-Sep-2020 16:07
Submitted another candidate to agent. Solid iOS work (8+ years) and C# prior to that for 1.5 yrs. So we'll see how critical Java is. 08-Sep-2020 20:59
Submitted one candidate with solid iOS/Dev and a light (2yr) exposure to Java earlier in career. So ideally we want to see more candidates with that level and more java depth. 02-Sep-2020 20:40
Candidate tabled due to lack of recent work on java side (i.e. creating web services) coupled w/ lack of usage of cloud frameworks in solutions (just deploying to cloud). Factor that into future submissions. 02-Sep-2020 17:58
Per Agent --> Preferred Candidate location is Seattle, but you can also include locations within driving distance from LA, Phoenix, St. Louis, Charleston SC, Houston and Huntsville AL. Candidate will be required to be in Seattle WA once return to office is approved. 01-Sep-2020 19:35
Reopening this. Candidate start didn't work out (couldn't get access to their original i94 in a timely fashion to clear background checks). 01-Sep-2020 16:16
Status changed to 1-Active 01-Sep-2020 16:15
Candidate starts this week. Closing. 13-Aug-2020 13:23
Client went to offer (verbal) for our candidate. We'll leave this open till we get paperwork done. 30-Jul-2020 14:09
Client screen w/ our submission completed. Went well. Move to final interview w/ stakeholder assuming candidate signs off on intent to relo. 23-Jul-2020 12:53
Status changed to WFF 16-Jul-2020 13:59
Still going here. Shared a non-local candidate w/ java dev history prior to IOS work. 13 others in play (not ours). Hold now. 16-Jul-2020 13:58
Client confirms no leads in pipe. Did have a few candidates that did o.k. on coding test but then in f2f interview didn't pan out. So need to be technical and interpersonal. 09-Jul-2020 16:35
Client closed lead 3714 and created this one in its place. Focus shifts to Swift/iOS/Java now (among other changes). Read description for details. 09-Jul-2020 15:40
Lead Created 09-Jul-2020 15:26