Event Comments Date Delete
Client indicates this posting is filled. 26-Oct-2020 16:44
Client posts a new need of this profile -- so sounds like 2 slots are open at this point (we'll take this off hold given that). 26-Oct-2020 16:39
Still considering candidates but screening by end client has slowed. 22-Oct-2020 14:03
Still holding (waiting for agent to close out after onboarding) 15-Oct-2020 13:30
Agent puts this on hold (enough submissions received. So if we told you you were submitted you are in play (if not you are on hold). 12-Sep-2020 14:18
Shared 3 candidates to agent. All w/ past automotive work (2 w/ the actual end client). All have modernization work. All are 13+ years. So that is the hurdle now. Will slow play further submissions. 10-Sep-2020 21:00
Lead Created 09-Sep-2020 21:26