Event Comments Date Delete
Filled per agent (not one of ours). Closing out. 02-Dec-2020 15:36
Agent confirms they are waiting for end client to confirm they need (or dont need) the 3rd candidate here. Hold for now. 30-Nov-2020 15:52
Pinged agent to see if still going (unclear, they hired 2 and show still open but i cant see movement on candidates submitted and not punted). 30-Nov-2020 15:44
Looks like 2 offers are out but 1 slot remains (2 of 3 filled). 12-Nov-2020 13:58
Qauntity updated to 2 02-Nov-2020 13:55
Still open. 46 submitted and 13 are still in play (1 ours) 29-Oct-2020 13:21
Still going. Increase number of positions to 2. 22-Oct-2020 14:03
Submitting candidate to agent for review. Solid exposure/focus to CPQ/Apptus in last 5 years and CPQ certified. 21-Oct-2020 19:15
Call with client. Wants someone that is a pure play CPQ/Apptus consulting resource. 4-5 years. Majority of each project is CPQ/Apptus focused. Updated posting to reflect this focus (de-emphasize SFDC) 20-Oct-2020 20:48
Status changed to 1-Active 20-Oct-2020 20:48
No movement here (no tech screens by agent). Continue to hold. 15-Oct-2020 13:33
Still waiting for client to shortlist 27-Sep-2020 15:59
Hold on this -- have 3 candidates in play. Waiting for feedback. 21-Sep-2020 19:13
Shared one candidate to agent for review. There are about 15 others also in play from other vendors. We'll probably submit 1 more and then hold. 17-Sep-2020 20:43
Updated Apptus to Apttus (typo) 16-Sep-2020 17:20
Lead Created 16-Sep-2020 15:55