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Client confirms closing on this. No hires. Might reopen later. 09-Feb-2021 18:45
No action likely till mid March on this (if at all). Client still trying to nail down budget/scope. 08-Feb-2021 19:41
Continue to hold. Not closed but no updates coming. So not sure if this is moving forward or not. 04-Feb-2021 15:28
Continue to hold. Agent did screen a candidate of ours this week that was pretty solid. So probably will close if they don't move on him. 28-Jan-2021 14:45
Still going (client asked for clarification on one of our active submissions). Still heavily focused on someone w/ AI exposure specifically around setting it up and/or upgrade (lead roles). 14-Jan-2021 13:44
Status changed to WFF 07-Jan-2021 15:10
Still on hold. Waiting for feedback on one candidate we have in front of team. 07-Jan-2021 15:10
Still going. Client is on break till 1/4. 24-Dec-2020 14:55
Per agent -- look for candidates who have done Application Integrator version upgrade by themselves and experienced data migration issues related to Maps and Partner configurations. BizLink/TrustedLink upgrade/migration experience is nice to have. Key is, candidate must have done this work hands-on in earlier engagements. We are preferably looking for someone who has done this upgrade/migration to cloud VMs using Linux. But we could adjust if same work was done on-premise. 17-Dec-2020 18:23
Update skills to focus on Application Integrator aspect of OpenText (acquired from GXS in 2014). Offer out to someone w/ BizLink so less critical depth there now. 14-Dec-2020 18:35
Role is 100% remote (no kickoff onsite as originally indicated) 09-Dec-2020 15:15
Reopening. Client has refocused on candidates with depth around upgrades with Application Integrator and/or BizLink. Specifcally mapping/partner conversion issues. They just punted a submission from us that went to 2nd interview due to lack of experience in upgrade specific work (partner/mapping resolution; BizLink; App Integrator; etc.). 09-Dec-2020 14:47
Pinging agent to confirm desire to reschedule interview with our candidate (asked for screen w/ him last week that didn't work out). 30-Nov-2020 15:51
Client is talking w/ candidate (ours) today. So still going. We'll wait for feedback on that. 19-Nov-2020 13:09
Status changed to WFF 11-Nov-2020 21:00
Client has screened a couple but no feedback yet. So we'll move this to hold (neither one ours). 11-Nov-2020 21:00
Still waiting on this. No update from end client. Have pinged them for update. 07-Nov-2020 18:47
Shared submission to agent for review. Unclear if a fit as doesn't have notable (any) depth w/ EDI (with or without OpenTEXT). Also didn't have the specific cloud products (but did have Azure / OpenTEXT migration work). 29-Oct-2020 19:37
Agent clarifies that candidates declined so far have been missing OpenText and/or OpenText Cloud depth. Need both. 28-Oct-2020 18:50
Lead Created 28-Oct-2020 18:29