Event Comments Date Delete
Pinging agent to confirm desire to reschedule interview with our candidate (asked for screen w/ him last week that didn't work out). 30-Nov-2020 15:51
Client is talking w/ candidate (ours) today. So still going. We'll wait for feedback on that. 19-Nov-2020 13:09
Status changed to WFF 11-Nov-2020 21:00
Client has screened a couple but no feedback yet. So we'll move this to hold (neither one ours). 11-Nov-2020 21:00
Still waiting on this. No update from end client. Have pinged them for update. 07-Nov-2020 18:47
Shared submission to agent for review. Unclear if a fit as doesn't have notable (any) depth w/ EDI (with or without OpenTEXT). Also didn't have the specific cloud products (but did have Azure / OpenTEXT migration work). 29-Oct-2020 19:37
Agent clarifies that candidates declined so far have been missing OpenText and/or OpenText Cloud depth. Need both. 28-Oct-2020 18:50
Lead Created 28-Oct-2020 18:29