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18-Jan-2021 13:17
Client went to verbal on our candidate. Starting paperwork. Hold till we get a sense if they want more submissions. 30-Dec-2020 03:33
Still going. Client is on break till 1/4. 24-Dec-2020 14:56
Move this to hold. Our candidate completed 2nd screen w/ agent on Monday but haven't heard back since then. Repinged today. 17-Dec-2020 14:07
Our candidate is going to 2nd screen. Still going overall (3 slots were posted) 14-Dec-2020 14:42
Agent updates max rate to 68 (from 60). Shares limits on work auth. Need to have LinkedIN profile to submit. 04-Dec-2020 17:02
Lead Created 01-Dec-2020 19:08