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Still going. Need to have notable HAPI exposure based on candidates rejected so far. 21-Jan-2021 14:46
Status changed to 1-Active 15-Jan-2021 20:32
Reopening. Client asks for a 2nd resource with depth around FHIR as well as the HAPI Server. 15-Jan-2021 20:32
Verbal out to our candidate. Background check underway. We'll close this out once that clears. 15-Jan-2021 15:05
Our candidate screened w/ client yesterday. Waiting for feedback on that. 14-Jan-2021 14:18
Hold on this (now that 2 are in play) as we wait for feedback from the team. 12-Jan-2021 19:38
Sharing candidate to team. Solid years w/ CCD, HL7, and FHIR with a good 'consultative style'. 12-Jan-2021 19:35
Sharing submission to the agent for consideration. Has solid 5+ years w/ FHIR as primary focus (v4). 12-Jan-2021 15:01
Lead Created 11-Jan-2021 15:10