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05-Mar-2021 21:28
This is still open (we placed 2) but we'll go ahead and create a new posting in short order (and close this) as the client says the next group of roles don't need the db2/iseries aspects. 04-Mar-2021 15:16
Still going. Client is meeting w/ agent this week for details on when they will be ready to move. Seems there are 3 opps percolating. Continue to hold. 25-Feb-2021 14:52
Status changed to WFF 17-Feb-2021 16:20
Client extends verbal to one candidate (but 3 weeks after submission). Checking if still available. 17-Feb-2021 16:14
Closing this out. Client is screening 3 of the submissions for another lead. So might get a side win out of this anyway. 04-Feb-2021 15:35
Closing out. Client indicated they filled this today. However there are similar roles in the pipeline that might drop in near future. I'll reopen or repost this if that happens. 28-Jan-2021 19:53
Shared a pretty solid candidate (hit the 4 areas targetted) but over rate by 10 so we are asking if there is flex on top end rate. 27-Jan-2021 22:37
Lead Created 21-Jan-2021 19:31