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Update, seems we are in a holding pattern as client assesses internal options (may or may not work out). So this will move slow. 03-Mar-2021 15:55
Pinged agent for update. Still no feedback from the offshore stakeholders (they were the next step in screening 1st group of candidates we shared). Continue to hold. 03-Mar-2021 14:44
Holding as we wait for feedback on 1st group from all stakeholders. Client is responsive. 25-Feb-2021 14:53
Client is reviewing 1st batch of resumes (per hiring manager yesterday). 18-Feb-2021 15:15
Still going. 11-Feb-2021 15:38
Candidate clears 1st interview w/ client. Going to coding exercise. Slow play further submissions as we wait on that. 03-Feb-2021 16:07
Submitting candidate to client for review 02-Feb-2021 15:32
Lead Created 01-Feb-2021 13:32