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Still going but getting a sense that only currently local candidates will be considered. 15-Apr-2021 14:09
Checking w/ client on if non-local is possible (they seem to be drifting to local only after saying remote could work). 14-Apr-2021 15:48
Still on hold. Waiting on feedback on last submission to hiring manager (about a week back). They are slow to respond so just might be a lag. 08-Apr-2021 13:27
Client has strongly screened out candidates that couldn't articulate differences between various versions of C++ (v11, v14, v17, etc.). That coupled with lack of regulated/medical probably wouldn't warrant going further (if better depth w/ versions maybe). 31-Mar-2021 22:12
Agent indicates no medical/regulated 'might' work if candidate is strong enough. 31-Mar-2021 20:48
Lead Created 26-Mar-2021 19:03