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14-Jun-2021 12:38
Still going. One resource starting next week. Need a 2nd. 14-Jun-2021 12:36
Looks like end client is signing WO so they will be moving into a formal offer to someone in short order. Continue to hold to see if our candidate accepts expected offer. 03-Jun-2021 16:07
Client gave soft verbal for our submission but indicated preference to have a 2nd resource (TBD) to start with her. Working through that now (holding). 27-May-2021 14:13
Client is screening one of our candidates today. Lets see how that turns out. 20-May-2021 13:05
Still on hold. Waiting on formal greenlight from CIO (shared submission to 2nd option in case). 13-May-2021 13:24
Status changed to WFF 06-May-2021 15:16
Client went to verbal with our candidate. Working on acceptances now. Hold. 06-May-2021 15:16
Trying to schedule interview w/ our submission and client team. Still going. 06-May-2021 14:21
Still going -- client is trying to setup an interview with a candidate we shared on 4/23 06-May-2021 14:10
Shared submission to agent. Solid interview. Definitely the bar now on submissions. 23-Apr-2021 16:07
Lead Created 22-Apr-2021 14:36