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Status changed to In Process 17-Jun-2021 14:26
Still going per agent. 17-Jun-2021 12:35
Working on getting an update from the hiring manager as we have heard they are pushing max rate down to 90 (from 100). We'll update the lead to that and wait for an update from hiring manager. Till then lead on hold. 16-Jun-2021 12:13
Still going per agent. 14-Jun-2021 12:36
Still going here. 1 candidate in pool still active from us. 03-Jun-2021 16:20
Client is refocusing on react resources (from quant). So resume sourcing here. 27-May-2021 14:17
Still going. One of multiple react contracts we have open. 13-May-2021 13:26
Still going per agent. 06-May-2021 13:59
Lead Created 28-Apr-2021 16:44