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Closing this lead. Client is now looking for mid-level candidates to join team, will post new lead. 15-Jun-2021 15:19
Still going here. Offer out to lead React resource this week (so 3 roles ~ remain). 03-Jun-2021 16:20
Still going. Start date remains mid-july. 27-May-2021 14:14
Still going here. Screening a candidate today. 20-May-2021 13:14
Ideal candidates have experience developing CxO Portals and dashboards as well as mobile apps which gather data for dashboards. 05-May-2021 14:21
Clarification: This is a React Native dev role. Experience with Native is required. 05-May-2021 14:09
Added start date reference 03-May-2021 20:06
Lead Created 29-Apr-2021 20:27