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Closing this out based on lack of feedback. 14-Jun-2021 12:36
Continue to hold here. Looks like the role they had has switched to onsite only (and an all in rate). Have one candidate in play that might consider that. Checking w/ agent to see if that might fly. 03-Jun-2021 16:21
Client is switching to onsite. Our submission is open to that. Working through if there is interest. Holding. 27-May-2021 14:15
Pinged client today to see if they needed more options (continuing to hold till then). 25-May-2021 14:03
Client is screening a candidate today. We'll see how that goes and assess if we should resume. 20-May-2021 13:33
Moving to hold as we wait on feedback on the one candidate in front of the client right now. 18-May-2021 13:59
Still going. Shared one candidate late yesterday. 13-May-2021 13:29
Sharing 12+ year Exchange Engineer to client for review. 12-May-2021 18:08
Shared candidate to agent. Worked for them back in 2017 for 6m stint. We'll see how that plays. 04-May-2021 16:43
Lead Created 03-May-2021 15:02