Event Comments Date Delete
Client is closing this lead; no hire made. 27-Jul-2021 20:17
Final interviews scheduled, submissions now closed. 23-Jun-2021 17:33
Candidate submitted to the end client for review. Holding on additional screens until we get feedback. 21-Jun-2021 20:48
Per client, still going. No notable leads in pipeline. Aug start is what they are thinking. 17-Jun-2021 16:51
Still going. 03-Jun-2021 16:22
Client tables our submission. Skills were solid. Just concerned candidate wasn't comfortable enough executing in a remote based setting. 28-May-2021 16:37
Update: Candidates are in interviews this week and early next week. No new submission to the client until we get results from initial round of interviews. 25-May-2021 18:36
Update: Ideal candidates have experience developing CxO Portals and dashboards as well as mobile apps which gather data for dashboards. 05-May-2021 14:20
Start date is actually a bit flexible -- June 1st to 15th is the ballpark range the hiring manager indicated initially. 04-May-2021 13:32
Lead Created 03-May-2021 20:38