Event Comments Date Delete
Confirmed start of our candidate 6/14/2021 15-Jun-2021 15:18
Offer out to our candidate. We'll close this out once paperwork is complete. 03-Jun-2021 16:22
Have pretty solid candidate in play (2nd screen next week). Hold to see how that plays out. 27-May-2021 14:16
Hold on this. 2 slots and, we think, 2 solid candidates in late screen next week. See how those play out before sourcing more. Client does have more react needs (4) in July/Aug time frame on jobs 3884. 27-May-2021 14:00
Still going. Shared 1 candidate to client yesterday and screening another today. 20-May-2021 13:33
Candidate tabled due to excessive work history gaps per client. 19-May-2021 13:23
Still going. Screening candidate today. Need more options. 11-May-2021 14:07
Lead Created 05-May-2021 20:36