Event Comments Date Delete
Close this out based on lack of feedback from hiring manager. 27-Aug-2021 19:39
Hold on this. Waiting on feedback on candidate shared last week. 16-Jun-2021 15:09
Pinged agent for status of submission we sent in on 6/9. Hold while we wait for feedback on that (unclear how hot the 2nd person is to the end client). 16-Jun-2021 12:56
One of our resources is starting next Monday. Need a 2nd resource per client. 14-Jun-2021 12:38
Shared submission to client. Solid SCCM/InTune depth at recent client (18m). 10-Jun-2021 13:20
Agent table our submission. Wants more exposure to hybrid (on-prem, cloud) AD install working w/ InTune. 09-Jun-2021 14:55
Shared candidate to agent. Good detail on SCCM and InTune in screen. 04-Jun-2021 18:55
Lead Created 03-Jun-2021 17:56