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Still open per agent. 14-Sep-2021 15:20
Still going 09-Sep-2021 12:54
Updated description based on clarifications from hiring manager. 27-Aug-2021 19:44
More clarification from client --> "looking for a Data Integration Engineer that builds a RestAPI using an object oriented programming language (Python, Java or MapReduce) to read/write data from Salesforce. They are using an ETL (Extract, transform and load) to extract the data through the API from Salesforce and then transform and load into Oracle in the AWS cloud. ETL tool can be any tool (Informatica, Datastage, Abinitio, AWS Glue, Python, Matillion, etc.)" 27-Aug-2021 19:00
Key is a candidate that has spent notable time doing two things (1) ETL Development in tools like INFA, Datastage, etc. and (2) Web Service development using REST. Can’t just be ETL developer that consumes services. 27-Aug-2021 13:45
More clarification from team --> "the biggest component we are missing is the development of the API using an object oriented programming language like Python, Java or MapReduce along with RestAPI. It’s a swiss army knife integration guy that we are looking for (creates the data services they will consume w/ an ETL workflow they creates as well). " 26-Aug-2021 22:29
The client confirmed the history doing REST service authoring coupled w/ ETL depth is critical. 20-Aug-2021 16:51
Per end client, submission was lip syncing in 2nd interview. 17-Aug-2021 20:49
Lead Created 11-Aug-2021 20:15