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I got confirmation from agent today that they filled the role w/ another resource. If you are still available around the 1st of the year, let me know. Supposedly they expect more needs of this type at that time. 29-Nov-2021 14:29
Pinged agent for status on two candidates shared. Continue to hold as we are not seeing any updates (or they are slow coming). 29-Nov-2021 13:49
Continue to hold. No feedback yet on candidate screened on Tuesday. 11-Nov-2021 17:08
Still going. Client is talking to one of our candidates on Tuesday 11/8. 04-Nov-2021 15:57
Shared solid candidate to client. 02-Nov-2021 13:40
Still going per agent. 28-Oct-2021 15:11
Reopening per manager 22-Oct-2021 00:26
Pinged agent for status. Move to hold in the interim till we get confirmation that they are ready to screen candidates. 21-Oct-2021 12:59
Still open. Agent is confirming (should know by end of week) 12-Oct-2021 13:13
Client requests screen with our candidate. 04-Oct-2021 00:12
Candidate withdraws as feels he is overqualified (after 1st screen) and that the role seems to involve some aspects of DevOps (confirming; just based on what the screener talked about). 24-Sep-2021 18:42
Shared a second submission (pre-screen) to agent. 24-Sep-2021 13:33
Client is scheduling interview with our submission. 24-Sep-2021 12:56
Still going. 23-Sep-2021 17:37
Lead Created 17-Sep-2021 01:04