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29-Nov-2021 13:56
Moving to start (contracts mostly done) with our 2nd submission. Closing this out. Will reopen if falls through. 29-Nov-2021 13:55
Moving back to hold. Client interview today and monday ... from which client says they will pick (so no more submissions needed). 12-Nov-2021 19:29
Added questions around being vaccinated and onsite after COVID. 10-Nov-2021 18:29
Resume sourcing. Hiring manager is open to more from us (after our other candidate backed out 2-3 days prior to start). 09-Nov-2021 18:48
Still working with verbal candidate to get paperwork done. Will reopen if that falls through. 28-Oct-2021 15:39
Client extends verbal to our submission. Move to hold and process paper. Will reopen if that falls through. 14-Oct-2021 12:43
Holding till we get feedback on candidate getting screened on 10/13. 11-Oct-2021 15:45
End client has shortlisted one candidate that they would like to screen on Monday. So we'll hold on further submissions till we hear back on that one (give us a better sense of what they are looking for). 08-Oct-2021 14:00
Basically its for an end-client who is in the health care domain. They prefer local but not a deal breaker if right fit but remote (team is working remote anyway). Ideal candidate would have a mix of exposure to development on IIB as well as the infrastructure supporting it (status, server logs, error handling, etc.). Someone w/ DevOps is a plus. 06-Oct-2021 17:26
Lead Created 06-Oct-2021 16:24