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Closing this out. Just got this update from agent --> "You can put a hold on this for now. I have 2 in front of them and they have been slow to move. Not sure if it was holiday or they are getting full." 29-Nov-2021 14:58
Sharing submission to agent to check match (and status of lead) 22-Nov-2021 16:34
Still going per manager. They seem to be focusing on candidates in the local MPLS market. 11-Nov-2021 17:13
Still going. 28-Oct-2021 15:40
Per agent, still going. Client has multiple java roles in queue. 21-Oct-2021 20:19
Pinged agent for status. Continue to passively source. 21-Oct-2021 13:17
Lead Created 13-Oct-2021 15:02