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This role has been filled. Thanks for submitting. We'll keep you in mind for similar. 16-Dec-2021 20:17
Still going but have a few candidates that are in front of client and no feedback after take home test (Hold). 09-Dec-2021 13:57
Agent confirms that max rate isn't 75 it is 70. Dropped master post down to match (from 75 to 70). 02-Dec-2021 19:15
Shared 2 candidates this week. Waiting for feedback. 02-Dec-2021 14:21
Still going. Four slots remain. 11-Nov-2021 17:14
Candidate withdrew after we asked for 2nd interview. Confirmed client still looking (4 slots) 09-Nov-2021 18:08
Still going. 04-Nov-2021 16:03
Still going. 28-Oct-2021 15:40
Still going per agent. 21-Oct-2021 13:41
After orientation, client is open to remote work around two days a week but rest of time is required to be onsite. 13-Oct-2021 20:21
Client clarifies this is actually budgeted for 75 (not 85). Updated rate to match. 13-Oct-2021 20:18
Status changed to 1-Active 13-Oct-2021 18:54
Lead Created 13-Oct-2021 18:47