Event Comments Date Delete
Still going. 20-Jan-2022 12:52
Still going per agent. 13-Jan-2022 15:51
Agent reopens this. More resumes required (becoming urgent). 10-Jan-2022 18:04
Status changed to 1-Active 10-Jan-2022 18:03
Closing this out (still on hold w/o update). Will reopen if client requests. 06-Jan-2022 14:40
Still holding. 27-Dec-2021 15:19
Move to hold per client. They are now reviewing resumes submitted so far. 15-Dec-2021 20:50
Updating lead. Client clarifies that # of positions is 1 (not 3). 13-Dec-2021 15:39
Lead Created 10-Dec-2021 21:42