68.25/hr DB2 DBA (z/OS and/or AIX). 12-18+ Months. Contract. Durham, NC. (L-3071) (B)


Are you a DB2 DBA? Have a background in AIX and z/OS environments?  If so, then this contract might be of interest to you.

In short, our agent (a global consultancy) has a need for DB2 DBA with at least 3-5 years in z/OS and AIX environments (10+ overall).   Ideal candidates would have IBM certification around DB2.  Role would be involved with administration and tuning of multi-partition environments.  Role will also manage backup processes and execution.  

So, if this sounds like you, APPLY TODAY!!!


(in order of desirability)

  • #1 - DB2 DBA (2-3 yrs, 8+ overall) with AIX and z/OS background and some development experience (2+ years)

  • DBMS - DB2
  • DB2 DBA -- zOS
  • DB2 DBA -- AIX

  • DB2 DBA -- Administration
  • DB2 DBA -- Tuning
  • DB2 DBA -- Multi-Partition Databases
  • TOAD
  • Performance Monitoring -- Foglight
  • DB2 DBA -- Backup process
  • Developer roles (prior to / during DBA work)
  • BMC Remedy
  • Certification -- DB2

  • 1st Language English or equivalent (i.e. 8 years in US, AUS, Singapore, Europe, etc.)
  • What is your birthday (agent/client use it for personal ID -- only need month/day)
  • If you are not local, are you willing to relocate at your cost (no expense to us or agent/client)?
  • Provide either (1) an online profile (LinkedIn URL, etc) or (2) a reference that you reported to. If providing reference, share name, company, phone, and email where email is from the domain of the company. If neither, put NA in comments.
  • Ideal times for follow-up conversations by phone (i.e. after 5 p.m., 12-1, anytime, etc.)
  • Can the candidate do a video interview AND provide photo id (sensitive information can be blacked out) PRIOR to that interview?
  • Would the candidate consider a limited w2 (versus 1099/c2c) contract? Vendors bringing candidates still get paid (via a separate fee).
  • Projects/Roles working with Global Consultancies (Ernst & Young, Accenture, etc.)
  • If requested, is the candidate o.k. with sharing a photo id PRIOR to video interview? Our agent, a global consultancy, requires it.
  • Skype ID of candidate (in case agent or client requests video call)
  • Who will be the candidates Employer of Record (full legal company name) if candidate wins this contract? If the submission is self-represented (independant) you can just put 1099/w2.

  • Status: x-Closed
  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Role: DB2 DBA (z/OS and/or AIX)
  • Location: Durham, NC.
  • Compensation: Up to $68.25/hr in a c2c/1099 structure. Limited W2 structure also possible but rate drops to $59.75/hr gross. We say gross as the limited w2 rate shown is before employer/employee taxes (not take home; take home would be lower as its after employee taxes which vary).
  • Payment Terms: Weekly invoice, NET 45 payment off invoice.
  • Expenses: Included in rate above
  • Positions: 1
  • Current pool: 0/6 (In Play/Submitted). Click HERE for summary view of candidates submitted so far.

    Last Update 02/08/18 14:16 PM. Tim Bauer. Closing. Offer out. Thanks for applying.. (full detail change log at bottom).
    Shortlist On 02/16/18
    Start On 02/19/18
    Duration Duration is estimated to be 12 to 18+ months.
    1st Post Date 12/04/17
    1st Screened by Amplified0
    Submitted to Client0
    Interviewed by Client1
    ClientShared after 1st Screen
    AgentShared after 1st Screen. Amplified is not the prime.
    Contact for Lead Tim Bauer
    Interview DetailsFace-to-face interview is NOT required after phone screen. That said, let LEVERAGEncy know on submission if Skype or other options AREN'T an option.
    Work Authorizations Client is only considering candidates with work authorizations of: Any Type
    IndustryOther/Not Classified
    Opp Quality The overall rating for this lead is B. This is based on contract duration being 18, 1 opening(s), and 7+ competitors at our level or better. You can see a graphical ruberic of how these stats translate to a rating here.
    L Number3071
    LayersBetween Amplified and the End Client there are 1 layers. In addition, the end client prefers that Amplified limits the layers between Amplified and the Employer of Record of the candidate to 0.


    02/08/18 14:16 PM . Tim Bauer. Closing. Offer out. Thanks for applying.

    01/25/18 14:57 PM . Tim Bauer. Offer still in progress (continue to hold)

    01/18/18 14:13 PM . Tim Bauer. Still on hold. Agent indicated they have a guy they are close to offer on (so waiting for that to resolve).

    01/03/18 20:34 PM . Tim Bauer. Hold on this. Agent indicated this a.m. that they are 'good for now'. I'll loop back if they ask for more options.

    12/28/17 14:42 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going per agent

    12/21/17 19:23 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going per agent.

    12/20/17 14:59 PM . Tim Bauer. Agent requests video call with our submission.

    12/14/17 14:41 PM . Tim Bauer. Still open but agent indicated there are 6 candidates in play (tech eval stage) so might want to hold till that resolves.

    12/06/17 17:04 PM . Tim Bauer. Hold here. Agent is reviewing candidates that we have submitted. Will reopen if they want to see more.

    12/06/17 16:22 PM . Tim Bauer. Shared 2nd candidate to Agent. 2 years w/ zOS. 8 yrs total.

    12/05/17 19:17 PM . Tim Bauer. Submitted one candidate w/ good exposure to DB2 on AIX/zOS although it was a tick dated (2010) and recent roles seemed more lead. So that would be the gap we want to fill if we submit more (more recent DB2 zOS hands on exposure w/ similar years).

    12/04/17 20:48 PM . Tim Bauer. Updated to reflect non-local candidates are ok if they will relocate @ their cost

    12/04/17 17:58 PM . Lead Created

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