60/hr .NET / Angular Developer. 3-6+ Months. Contract. Milwaukee, WI. (L-3341) (A)


Are you a mid-level developer with a history in .NET and Angular?   Local to the Milwaukee, WI regional area?  Then this gig might be of interest to you.

In short, our direct client is looking to IMMEDIATELY add this resource to their existing team.  Original backlog is about 3 months of work but the director indicated the work could go six months or longer.  They specialize in building out and maintaining marketing solutions for clients (processes, systems, hardware, etc.).   Quick turnaround is the key here (so candidates currently available, in the local market, and can start with zero notice will get favored here).

So if this sounds like you, APPLY TODAY!!!


(in order of desirability)

  • #1 - Mid-level developer; 8+ years as .NET Dev; Currently in Milwaukee Area and can start immediately; Entity framework; jQuery; Bootstrap; Angular

  • .NET
  • Backend Development Roles
  • Currently local to Milwaukee, WI area (can do daily commute; no relocation)?

  • ASP.NET -- Framework -- ASP.NET MVC
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework
  • Javascript -- Framework -- Angular (notate in comments what versions)
  • Javascript -- Framework -- jQuery
  • CSS -- Frameworks -- Bootstrap
  • DBMS -- SQL Server -- Version 2008r2 or higher
  • Provide either (1) an online profile (LinkedIn URL, etc) or (2) a reference that you reported to. If providing reference, share name, company, phone, and email where email is from the domain of the company. If neither, put NA in comments.
  • If not listed in resume, notate here ALL education details for candidate (institution, degree, year of graduation)

  • 1st Language English or equivalent (i.e. 8 years in US, AUS, Singapore, Europe, etc.)
  • Is the candidate willing, if requested, to authorize background checks and/or education checks as part of selection process?
  • Is the candidate willing, if requested, to take drug screen as part of selection process?
  • Screens with candidate (phone and/or video) may be recorded to enable the overall selection process. Are you comfortable with that?
  • Skype ID of candidate (in case agent or client requests video call)

  • Status: x-Closed
  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Role: .NET / Angular Developer
  • Location: Milwaukee, WI.
  • Compensation: Up to $60.00/hr in a c2c/1099 structure. Limited W2 structure also possible but rate drops to $52.10/hr gross. We say gross as the limited w2 rate shown is before employer/employee taxes (not take home; take home would be lower as its after employee taxes which vary).
  • Payment Terms: Bi-Weekly invoice, NET 30 payment off invoice.
  • Expenses: Included in rate above
  • Positions: 1
  • Current pool: 0/16 (In Play/Submitted). Click HERE for summary view of candidates submitted so far.

    Last Update 07/31/19 12:11 PM. Tim Bauer. Still on hold per manager. (full detail change log at bottom).
    Shortlist On 07/17/19
    Start On 07/31/19
    Duration Duration is estimated to be 3 to 6+ months.
    1st Post Date 12/26/18
    1st Screened by Amplified0
    Submitted to Client2
    Interviewed by Client0
    ClientShared after 1st Screen
    AgentAmplified Sourcing
    Contact for Lead Tim Bauer
    Interview DetailsFace-to-face interview is required after phone screen. If not possible, let LEVERAGEncy know on submission if Skype or other options could work (or none).
    Work Authorizations Client is only considering candidates with work authorizations of: Any Type
    IndustryOther/Not Classified
    Opp Quality The overall rating for this lead is A. This is based on contract duration being 6, 1 opening(s), and 0 to 3 competitors at our level or better. You can see a graphical ruberic of how these stats translate to a rating here.
    L Number3341
    LayersBetween Amplified and the End Client there are 0 layers. In addition, the end client prefers that Amplified limits the layers between Amplified and the Employer of Record of the candidate to 0.


    06/27/19 14:13 PM . Tim Bauer. Still on hold per manager

    05/16/19 13:49 PM . Tim Bauer. Poked hiring manager on status yesterday (still on hold; no reply yet)

    05/09/19 13:11 PM . Tim Bauer. Will re-ping hiring manager next week.

    04/07/19 16:56 PM . Tim Bauer. Manager indicated they will know more mid to late April on this need. NET core remains the same.

    02/28/19 14:12 PM . Tim Bauer. Still on hold. On 2/14 hiring manager confirmed this will be re-assessed in early April (hold till then).

    02/14/19 15:30 PM . Tim Bauer. Pinged manager to see if this is still holding (or actually closed). Was still hold/active last update on 1/31.

    02/04/19 14:16 PM . Tim Bauer. Manager confirms that still on hold.

    01/31/19 14:37 PM . Tim Bauer. Ping hiring manager to see if this is coming off hold shortly (or not).

    01/24/19 14:07 PM . Tim Bauer. Still waiting for hiring manager to indicate we should resume sourcing.

    01/17/19 21:04 PM . Tim Bauer. Status changed to WFF

    01/17/19 20:31 PM . Tim Bauer. Soft submitted a candidate from Madison to client that they seemed to think 'might' work (prior to project delay). So Madison based candidates if they would relo and do onsite could work.

    01/17/19 20:30 PM . Tim Bauer. Talked with hiring manager today. Seems that project this role was for has been delayed so we'll move this into hold status. I'll send out a message when it reopens.

    01/11/19 19:58 PM . Tim Bauer. Our candidate client went to offer on didn't work out in final checks. So this is reopened. Client re-affirmed targeting candidates that are currently local to Milwaukee (maybe those that would do onsite interview at that cost). Well be re-assessing candidates in pool given that.

    01/11/19 19:56 PM . Tim Bauer. Status changed to 1-Active

    01/11/19 19:55 PM . Tim Bauer. Client tables candidate. This is now reopened.

    01/10/19 15:19 PM . Tim Bauer. Continue to hold. Hiring manager is still getting approvals but looks like they are moving forward w/ our guy that interviewed last week.

    01/03/19 13:20 PM . Tim Bauer. Hiring manager is doing 2nd interview with our candidate today. Continue to hold here (they also were 'close' on a couple prior so it seems they have enough options to make a decision).

    01/02/19 21:14 PM . Tim Bauer. Client is talking to a candidate this week onsite. We'll see how that plays out (hold till then)

    12/27/18 15:46 PM . Tim Bauer. Shared candidate to hiring manager this a.m. He replied back that they have 1-2 candidates that look strong (might move on one today). So move this to hold. Should have an update later today if they want more options.

    12/27/18 15:44 PM . Tim Bauer. Shared candidate to hiring manager this a.m.

    12/27/18 13:59 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going

    12/26/18 17:09 PM . Lead Created

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