80/hr QA Lead or Senior w/ ERP. 6+ Months. Contract. Appleton, WI. (L-3545) (A)


Are you a QA Lead? Have a background of ERP migrations and/or upgrades?   Open to relocating or in the Appleton, WI area? Then this gig might be of interest to you.

Basically, our agent's end client would like to bring on this role ASAP. Role would be full time onsite and join an existing team of resources migrating the client to a new ERP solution (Dynamics). Responsibilities include: Test strategy/planning, mock cutovers, UAT, parallel testing, resource planning, estimates, cycle planning, data migration/validation, performance testing, etc.

So, if this sounds like you, APPLY TODAY!!!



(in order of desirability)

  • #1 - QA ERP; Willing to be onsite full time; Currently local to Appleton area

  • QA -- ERP Solutions
  • Candidates must be able to conduct a video (skype, etc.) with Amplified prior to submission. Is candidate open to this? If so, put SkypeID (or alternative) in comments.

  • ERP -- User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • QA -- Performance Testing
  • QA -- Mock Cutovers
  • QA -- UAT (User Acceptance Test)
  • QA -- Planning (resources, training, equipment, etc.)
  • Business Process -- Order to Cash
  • Business Process -- Procure to Pay
  • Business Process -- Manufacture to Deliver

  • Provide either (1) an online profile (LinkedIn URL, etc) or (2) a reference that you reported to. If providing reference, share name, company, phone, and email where email is from the domain of the company. If neither, put NA in comments.
  • 1st Language English or equivalent (i.e. 8 years in US, AUS, Singapore, Europe, etc.)
  • If not listed in resume, notate here ALL education details for candidate (institution, degree, year of graduation)
  • Is the candidate willing, if requested, to authorize background checks and/or education checks as part of selection process?
  • Is the candidate willing, if requested, to take drug screen as part of selection process?

  • Status: x-Closed
  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Role: QA Lead or Senior w/ ERP
  • Location: Appleton, WI. Local candidates only.
  • Compensation: Up to $80.00/hr in a c2c/1099 structure. Limited W2 structure also possible but rate drops to $70.00/hr gross. We say gross as the limited w2 rate shown is before employer/employee taxes (not take home; take home would be lower as its after employee taxes which vary).
  • Payment Terms: Monthly invoice, NET 30 payment off invoice.
  • Expenses: Included in rate above
  • Positions: 1
  • Current pool: 0/9 (In Play/Submitted). Click HERE for summary view of candidates submitted so far.

    Last Update 10/04/19 15:04 PM. Tim Bauer. Closing this out. Seems that the hiring manager is filling the role internally (or has filled it).. (full detail change log at bottom).
    Shortlist On 10/11/19
    Start On 10/21/19
    Duration Duration is estimated to be 6+ months.
    1st Post Date 07/16/19
    1st Screened by Amplified0
    Submitted to Client1
    Interviewed by Client0
    ClientShared after 1st Screen
    AgentShared after 1st Screen. Amplified is not the prime.
    Contact for Lead Tim Bauer
    Interview DetailsFace-to-face interview is NOT required after phone screen. That said, let LEVERAGEncy know on submission if Skype or other options AREN'T an option.
    Work Authorizations Client is only considering candidates with work authorizations of: Green Card,US Citizen
    IndustryFinancial Services
    Opp Quality The overall rating for this lead is A. This is based on contract duration being 6, 1 opening(s), and 0 to 3 competitors at our level or better. You can see a graphical ruberic of how these stats translate to a rating here.
    L Number3545
    LayersBetween Amplified and the End Client there are 1 layers. In addition, the end client prefers that Amplified limits the layers between Amplified and the Employer of Record of the candidate to 1.


    10/04/19 15:04 PM . Tim Bauer. Closing this out. Seems that the hiring manager is filling the role internally (or has filled it).

    10/03/19 13:27 PM . Tim Bauer. Team reconfirmed still going on Wed. Shared a local candidate (no ERP Backoffice depth however) to see if that might fly. Waiting for feedback on that.

    09/26/19 13:19 PM . Tim Bauer. Continuing to source here per agent/client.

    09/19/19 14:58 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going here. Filters remain the same.

    09/16/19 19:13 PM . Tim Bauer. Lead updated to reflect there are 2 slots here (one senior, one lead). Both need to be currently local. Client is still looking.

    09/13/19 14:45 PM . Tim Bauer. Client tables our submission. Didn't clarify on details that were lacking. Checking on that.

    09/12/19 15:31 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going here. Client is talking to a QA resource from us today (more senior less lead). We'll keep going looking for QA lead w/ ERP process depth in interim.

    09/05/19 12:31 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going here. Shared a candidate last Friday that is under consideration. Supposedly there are two QA roles (2 different clients) w/ the agent. So we'll keep going.

    08/29/19 14:01 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going. Key remains solid focus on QA around ERP (functional)

    08/20/19 19:32 PM . Tim Bauer. Client clarifies role need --> "Need a doer. Able to jump in UAT mid stream and help complete. ERP process/testing depth (i.e. setup of customer, product flow, sales order flow). Help do string (end-to-end) testing flow definition for standard ERP. More of QA/BA around ERP migration.

    08/07/19 14:43 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going per Prime. Onsite still is required. Jr QA is ok.

    08/05/19 15:29 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going. Client passed on candidate they screened on 7/26 due to lack of 'hands on' experience. They want a mix -- a little QA lead depth + hands on.

    07/23/19 15:42 PM . Tim Bauer. As we wait for feedback on candidate screening this week --> Status changed to WFF

    07/23/19 14:53 PM . Tim Bauer. Client is screening one of our submissions. Seem to be leaning towards candidates w/ notable ERP QA migration background (domain depth). We'll know most after they screen this candidate (probably this week).

    07/16/19 13:36 PM . Lead Created

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