.NET, Azure Integration Dev. 3-6 Months. 100% Telecommute C2H. Appleton, WI. (L-3923) (A)


Are you a .NET developer that has a history of working on both front-end and backend/integration solutions?  Some exposure to Azure and REST Services?  Then this gig might be of interest to you. 

Basically the work is building out one-off data migrations for an EHR vendor our end client partners with. So there is a predefined set of patterns our client uses to deliver each migration ... but each migration to the EHR partner's solution has its nuances. All of the pattern/framework is based in MSFT stack (Azure, C#, etc.).  Role could go for 6-12+ months and are comfortable with the resource working 100% remote.

So, if this sounds like you, APPLY TODAY!!!


(in order of desirability)

  • #1 - 10+ years .NET Developer; History of integrations based on MSFT; Some exposure to Azure; Focus on backend roles; Some front-end roles.

  • .NET
  • Backend Development Roles
  • Cloud -- Microsoft Azure
  • Is candidate open to contract-to-hire and/or direct hire? (optional; notate in comments which one or both)

  • C#
  • Web Services -- RESTful
  • Web Services -- Real Time Integration
  • Web Services -- Microservices
  • ASP.NET -- Framework -- Web API
  • ASP.NET -- Framework -- MVC
  • Azure -- SQL Server
  • Azure -- Service Bus
  • Azure -- Cosmos DB (NoSQL, Distributed)

  • Azure -- Data Factory (ADF; ETL, Orchestration, etc.)
  • Azure -- Data Bricks
  • Data warehouses or data marts
  • DBMS -- SQL Server
  • .NET -- Console Apps
  • EHR Systems -- Data Migration / Integration
  • EMR Systems -- Data Migration / Integration
  • PIM Systems -- Data Migration / Integration
  • Domain -- Healthcare
  • If not listed in resume, notate here ALL education details for candidate (institution, degree, year of graduation)

  • Status: 1-Active
  • Employment Type: Contract to Hire
  • Role: .NET, Azure Integration Dev
  • Location: Appleton, WI. Client is open to 100% remote work per week.
  • Compensation: Open rate, come back w/ your quote as a 1099/c2c or limited w2 structure..Open $/year in base salary. Come back w/ your desired compensation with your submission.
  • Payment Terms: Bi-Weekly invoice, NET 45 payment off invoice.
  • Expenses: Included in rate above
  • Positions: 1
  • Current pool: 1/22 (In Play/Submitted). Click HERE for summary view of candidates submitted so far.

    Last Update 01/20/22 12:50 PM. Tim Bauer. Still going. (full detail change log at bottom).
    Shortlist On 02/04/22
    Start On 02/21/22
    Duration Duration is estimated to be 6 months (at which point client may move to hire candidate on directly as an employee) but may just continue in a contract structure up to 6 months.
    1st Post Date 09/24/21
    1st Screened by Amplified0
    Submitted to Client10
    Interviewed by Client1
    ClientShared after 1st Screen
    AgentAmplified Sourcing
    Contact for Lead Tim Bauer
    Interview DetailsFace-to-face interview MAY BE required after phone screen. If not possible, let LEVERAGEncy know on submission if Skype or other options could work (or none).
    Work Authorizations Client is only considering candidates with work authorizations of: Green Card,US Citizen
    IndustryOther/Not Classified
    Opp Quality The overall rating for this lead is A. This is based on contract duration being 6, 1 opening(s), and 0 to 3 competitors at our level or better. You can see a graphical ruberic of how these stats translate to a rating here.
    L Number3923
    LayersBetween Amplified and the End Client there are 1 layers. In addition, the end client prefers that Amplified limits the layers between Amplified and the Employer of Record of the candidate to .


    01/20/22 12:50 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going

    01/19/22 16:54 PM . Tim Bauer. Client clarifies that they don't provide benefits (employees get it through spouses, etc.). If a candidate incurs additional cost due to this, they will work with them to offset it with a bump in base.

    01/19/22 15:07 PM . Tim Bauer. Client goes to offer on one of our candidates, but they withdraw after offer (not sure one why). Still going.

    01/12/22 19:58 PM . Tim Bauer. Shared candidate to client for consideration today. Would be at top of their target base.

    01/06/22 14:04 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going per hiring manager.

    01/05/22 13:48 PM . Tim Bauer. Update lead to be just contract-to-hire (client originly open to contract or c2h)

    01/03/22 15:19 PM . Tim Bauer. Client clarifies their expectations on c2h "we are looking for full time for 3-6, and then would like to convert to full-time hire (or discontinue if not feeling it)"

    01/03/22 15:17 PM . Tim Bauer. Client tables submission as target $/yr comp (if converted after contract) was too high for the candidate (160k)

    12/31/21 15:42 PM . Tim Bauer. Pinging hiring manager to see if they would consider someone for direct hire

    12/17/21 18:45 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going. We suspect the client will be ready to start someone after the 1st of the year.

    12/10/21 21:26 PM . Tim Bauer. Updated post to be contract-to-hire (from contract). Reduced max duration from 12 to 6 months given the desire to c2h from client.

    12/06/21 18:43 PM . Tim Bauer. Updated skill profile to include data factory, data bricks, and DW as the client indicates that is an 'expanding' area of interest for them.

    12/01/21 23:49 PM . Tim Bauer. Client clarifies they are targeting a start after the 1st of the year.

    11/24/21 13:47 PM . Tim Bauer. Client confirms they are ready to resume sourcing after Thanksgiving. Revise skill list to be closer to the candidate they liked 2-3 weeks back (someone that supported an EMR solution for six years with notable integration to 3rd parties).

    11/24/21 13:47 PM . Tim Bauer. Status changed to 1-Active

    11/08/21 19:02 PM . Tim Bauer. Assume we'll get budget confirmation shortly (continue to hold).

    10/28/21 15:12 PM . Tim Bauer. Still going per agent. Slow play as hiring manager is out this week.

    10/18/21 20:48 PM . Tim Bauer. Found out Friday that the budget that enables this position long term is 1-2 weeks out (so client doesn't want to pull the trigger till that is locked in). So we'll slow play this till 1st week of November (or till budget is confirmed). We'll still look at really solid options in the interim (i.e. candidates currently based in WI, etc.).

    10/14/21 12:39 PM . Tim Bauer. Status changed to WFF

    10/14/21 12:39 PM . Tim Bauer. Client is reviewing one candidate today which seems like a fit. Hold on submissions till that resolves.

    09/30/21 13:18 PM . Tim Bauer. Talked w/ client yesterday. Basically the work is building out one-off data migrations for an EHR vendor they partner with. So there is a predefined set of patterns they use to achieve it but each client's migration to the EHR has its nuances. All of the pattern/framework is based in MSFT stack (Azure, C#, etc.).

    09/24/21 20:46 PM . Lead Created

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