Event Comments Date Delete
Adhoc Candidate was submitted to agent. 22-Sep-2022 21:03
Adhoc Submitting solid candidate (Xamarin since Alpha; .NET Dev; Azure Services exposure) today. Only concern is over rate point. 22-Sep-2022 14:51
Adhoc Client might consider candidates that have limited (no) depth with .NET/Azure if they are a great match on the Xamarin for iOS and Android (C++) 21-Sep-2022 01:23
Adhoc Work History Notables -- 8 yrs. 2014-15 .NET Dev. 2015-17 Xamarin. 2017 Xamarin. 2017-19 Xamarin. 2019 .NET Xamarin. 2019-20 .NET Xamarin. 2020-21 .NET/Xamarin. 2021-now .NET Xamarin. Only concern is CV has limited .NET / Azure detail. 20-Sep-2022 18:39
Initial submission. 20-Sep-2022 18:07