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No take-home test anymore. 2nd round tech interview instead w/ client followed by live coding challenge. 20-May-2022 14:45
Still going. 12-May-2022 15:47
Still passively sourcing on this (focusing on local options) 05-May-2022 14:10
Still going here. 28-Apr-2022 14:01
Still going per agent. 21-Apr-2022 14:23
Client removes warranty requirement. 15-Apr-2022 14:17
Still going per agent. 11-Apr-2022 01:58
Still going per agent today. 10-Mar-2022 18:50
Rate up by $6 (from 70 to 76) 01-Mar-2022 15:46
Still going. 24-Feb-2022 18:09
Agent reiterates this is still open and urgent (need 4). 01-Feb-2022 18:18
Still going. 20-Jan-2022 12:54
Still going per agent. 13-Jan-2022 15:47
Still going. 30-Dec-2021 14:04
Lead Created 17-Dec-2021 18:23