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Client is now decided FTE (not C2H) is where they want to focus. 18-May-2022 20:55
Client is targeting someone that might consider FTE (after contracting for a period of time) that would be happy with around 120-130k base. 10-May-2022 18:26
Refocus to direct hire only (or maybe contract-to-hire). 09-May-2022 16:16
Reopening this role. Ideally c2h but contract might be an option. Local is required. 26-Apr-2022 16:59
Status changed to 1-Active 26-Apr-2022 16:59
Closing out per agent. 22-Mar-2022 15:38
Pinged agent for if we should keep going (still active?). 22-Mar-2022 15:34
Agent confirms still active and open (verified w/ mgr last week). 07-Mar-2022 18:46
Still going per agent (confirmed today w/ stakeholder still in play w/ no options of note in pipeline). 24-Feb-2022 18:12
Our submission was tabled by agent due to lack of consultative communication style (end client is filtering on that). 21-Feb-2022 19:14
Lead Created 09-Feb-2022 19:23