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Waiting for 2nd interview with candidate we shared earlier this week. 12-May-2022 15:51
Status changed to WFF 12-May-2022 15:50
Talked w/ CIO today. He indicates they are ready to move on this need now. So we will be doing a 2nd sourcing push and then he will screen top 2 candidates. 03-May-2022 16:24
Status changed to 1-Active 03-May-2022 16:23
Still waiting for update from manager. 28-Apr-2022 14:01
Still no update from hiring manager. Continue to hold. 21-Apr-2022 14:24
Hold on this (waiting for feedback from hiring manager). 14-Apr-2022 13:20
Still going per client. 22-Mar-2022 15:33
Lead Created 28-Feb-2022 21:52