Event Comments Date Delete
Still going. 12-May-2022 15:51
Still going per agent. 28-Apr-2022 14:06
Client confirmed today they are still looking for someone that has a bit of Aurelia w/ .NET 21-Apr-2022 14:25
Checking if still going per agent. 14-Apr-2022 13:24
Our candidate got verbal from client but duration drops from 18+ months to 3-9 months and rate down from 90 to 85. I am checking if we should keep going here. 22-Mar-2022 17:21
This is still going. Client is looking to screen a candidate w/ light exposure to Aurelia from back around 2018 and more recent work w/ Kafka. 10-Mar-2022 18:52
Lead Created 02-Mar-2022 22:52