Event Comments Date Delete
Status changed to WFF 30-Jun-2022 14:51
Project team has decision for who to fill with on hold as they re-plan this week. 30-Jun-2022 14:51
Our submission talked w/ client on 6/24 waiting on feedback. 27-Jun-2022 16:26
Client requests a phone interview with our submission. 23-Jun-2022 13:55
Still going. Client needs 2 more as of last Friday. 23-Jun-2022 13:51
Client indicates that they need 2 more resources of this type. Reopening based on that. 17-Jun-2022 00:49
Still holding waiting to see if client needs a 3rd resource. 16-Jun-2022 14:16
Client requests for phone screen w/ submission next week. 02-Jun-2022 18:25
Hold. Client confirms they have an interview today w/ a 3rd candidate (not ours) that if goes well will fill the third slot. 01-Jun-2022 15:15
Offers out to two of our submissions as of this a.m. Checking on if they still intend to bring on a 3rd resource of this type immediately. 01-Jun-2022 15:10
Client confirms rate posted is firm (refused 2 candidates that were $10+ over.)l. 25-May-2022 18:48
Lead Created 25-May-2022 13:10