Event Comments Date Delete
Hiring manager is out till 7/11 so we'll be slow playing shortlisting the first group of candidates on this (still will screen a few but it will move slowly). 30-Jun-2022 20:24
Re-opending as Client asks for a 2nd resource of this type. 30-Jun-2022 15:05
This is gone to verbal (hold) to a submission of ours. 23-Jun-2022 13:52
Verbal to our candidate. Working on completing paperwork. Hold 20-Jun-2022 16:41
Client schedules interview w/ 2nd candidate as well. Hold on this till those 2 resolve. 16-Jun-2022 14:23
Client requests 2nd interview with our first submission (still reviewing 2nd). 14-Jun-2022 13:54
Submitted two candidates to hiring manager. Move to hold and see what the feedback is on those two before screening more. 14-Jun-2022 01:31
Shared candidate to agent for review. 10-Jun-2022 17:11
Update to reflect need for 2 of 3 on the nice to have items (WPF, Infragistics, and/or Crystal Reports) 09-Jun-2022 16:29
Lead Created 09-Jun-2022 14:21