Event Comments Date Delete
Closing this out (per VMS update) 25-Jan-2023 16:59
Role is still on hold per agent. 19-Jan-2023 14:59
Client moves this lead to hold. 05-Jan-2023 13:39
Still going but expect it to slow play through December. 08-Dec-2022 15:19
Still holding 17-Nov-2022 13:07
Submitted solid candidate to Agent. Hold till that resolves. 25-Oct-2022 13:02
Agent confirmed hybrid onsite/remote possible. Their comment -- "2 days remote and 3 on site in a week and relocating immediately to Atlanta.". 20-Oct-2022 16:14
Still going per agent. 20-Oct-2022 13:15
Still going per agent. 13-Oct-2022 13:48
This is still open per agent. 06-Oct-2022 14:07
Still going per agent. 29-Sep-2022 13:50
Lead Created 19-Sep-2022 17:57