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Pinged manager to see if this is coming off hold any time soon. 16-Mar-2023 13:33
Still holding here. 14-Feb-2023 15:10
Still holding. 25-Jan-2023 16:42
Role is on hold (per hiring manager). They expect it to reopen in 1-2 months. 11-Nov-2022 19:56
Move to hold as hiring manager is ghosting me. WIll reopen on reconnect. 10-Nov-2022 14:40
Updated skill grid with notes from hiring manager today. Also confirmed hybrid model (like 3 days a week onsite) is possible need some onsite time as solutions integrate to various devices on test bed at HQ. Currently on Vue.js for FE but moving to Angular for new work or refactoring of existing solutions. Open to contract-to-hire or direct hire. 26-Oct-2022 17:34
Stakeholder is reviewing two pre-screen candidates I shared this week. 25-Oct-2022 14:39
Status changed to 1-Active 25-Oct-2022 14:39
Client confirms filled web role associated to this (started with 2 slots). So the mobile solution remains. 20-Oct-2022 13:57
Slow play this. Talked w/ hiring manager today and they are reviewing one late stage candidate that might fit (re-assess next week). 10-Oct-2022 20:02
Lead Created 07-Oct-2022 14:06