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Role is currently on hold as we wait for feedback on candidates currently in play. 05-Dec-2022 20:10
Update target skills to make (1) DAX and (2) Tabular Modeling Tier 0. 01-Dec-2022 20:16
Agent confirmed they need more depth w/ Tabular Modeling and DAX (so passing on candidate we shared). Hold on this as they might have a candidate in pipeline that works. 01-Dec-2022 20:16
Client screened one candidate this week -- waiting for feedback. Asked them today if they want more options. 01-Dec-2022 15:13
Still going. Shared a couple options to team that they are reviewing. Hold. 17-Nov-2022 13:09
Submission shared to client - 14yrs, last 2 gigs @ Arch level migrating to Power BI. 13-Nov-2022 20:44
Lead Created 11-Nov-2022 17:42