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Adhoc Moved all candidates from early Jan to tabled. Starting over. 05-Feb-2022 14:47
Adhoc Submitted candidate to agent for review. 04-Jan-2022 22:30
Adhoc Work History Notables -- 18+ years. Bioinformatics to start 2003-04. Shift to web app dev 2004-07. DW Biomedical 2007-09 tuning, ETL, queries, etc. 2009-13 DW for Cardiology (DBA). 2013-15 ETL with Data Migration (SS to Netezza). 2015 to now Arch on registry for Cardiology (2nd gig) using python, ETL, And postgres mentioned in summary. 04-Jan-2022 20:55
Initial submission. 04-Jan-2022 20:50