Event Comments Date Delete
Adhoc Candidate that had an offer withdrew (staying at current gig). Client confirms they want more options. Resume sourcing. 05-Feb-2022 13:29
Adhoc Offer out to our candidate. 27-Jan-2022 16:56
Adhoc Verbal offer out to candidate. 27-Jan-2022 13:59
Adhoc Client asks to screen our submission (after reopening) 24-Jan-2022 00:35
Adhoc Candidate was submitted to agent. 06-Jan-2022 16:56
Adhoc What is candidates last name. 06-Jan-2022 15:10
Adhoc Work History Notables -- 16+ years. 2004-15 DW for Securities company based on MSFT BI. 2014-17 remote device data integration for reporting solution. Python 2019-now. No Postgres/Linux. 06-Jan-2022 15:09
Initial submission. 06-Jan-2022 06:17